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Hello Fellow Harriers and Harriettes. Here you can read and comment on all the trash reports of G2H3.


Run no 37

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:31:23

Held Jun 09 at Squawk Box’s place, “The G2H3 Bash”. Scribe:

Run no 36

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:29:20

Held 20 May 09 at GA-square. Scribe: On-Sec

Gothenburg Gruesome Hash House Harriers: Run no 36

The Ascension lunch Hash

A day characterized by a trip one of the worlds most famous persons took up toward the sky was celebrated by the G2H3-hashers. 9 brave souls had gathered at lunch-time for this hash. The hashers consisted of Narrow Gauge, Gaynor Boy, Winey WOPR, Eager-Beaver, Blueberry Tight Byte, Jens Bre, Johan W, Lars S, and virgin Johan L.

The warm-ups, outside the Gustav II Adolfs’ square, were brief and concentrated to dogs, cows, bulls and children of Chernobyl. The hares for this hash were, yet again, a duo consisting of Narrow Gauge and Whiney WOPR. After a brief description of the markers used in the hareline, one of the hares (Narrow Gauge) simply pointed to the checking marker, and said “This is active as of now”. The hashers yelled out, in a surprising way, “CHECKING” and scattered away looking for the following blob.

The trail started to lead the hashers through the area with known as ”Kronhusbodarna”. The hashers soon got a sense of the on-going theme of this hash: ”Ascension”. The hareline led the hashers up and down various stairs in the near central parts of Gothenburg. The trail continued south along the inlet and stopped at a ferry-commuter stop. Here the hashers had to use their commuter-cards that they brought with them. The hash continued on the ”island” known as Hisingen. Some problems with the ferry though, the ferry the hashers climbed aboard did not go as far as intended. But since the motto of the G2H3-hash states that the hashers are the most fit, the extra run was just a piece of cake for the runners. Except perhaps for one of the runners, Lars S.

Winey WOPR took the lead as he was the hare responsible for the hareline on this part of the trail. So after an extra km the hashers were yet again ”on-on”. The trail led the hashers almost all the way up to the sky it felt like. Some complicated trail markings had the hashers, very often, screaming ”Looking”. The hash continued on and the hashers were continuously cheered on by on-lookers. One lady, probably on the phone, got very upset of the loudness from the hashers. She thought that this was a very boyish activity. Well done hashers! Some on-lookers were much more cheerful, a crew of “a-teamers” who had gathered for their daily lunch consumption of alcohol got the spirit and cheered the hashers as they ran by.

The hash felt as if it was never going to end. All of the hashers knew that the trail led to the final on-in at the AP2 office, which one easily could conclude that a giant bridge had to be crossed. When approaching it, a checking marker appeared. Gaynor Boy thought this was just a marker to lead the hashers on a false trail, so he dashed up the bridge in a jolt, trying to find the next blob. But boy was he he wrong. The trail led the hashers under the bridge and back toward the on-in on the other side of the bridge. Gaynor Boy had to run back down, and then up again. He did not intend to be a SCB. This was the last celebration ascension for the hashers.

Finally, the hashers reached the on-in, after running 50% more then stated on the trail description. Lars S and Blueberry Tight Byte looked as if they had climbed Mount Everest. But all in all, the hashers were in good spirit.

At the on-in and the post-circle round-up, the necessary down-downs were given to the hares and the virgin. At the post-circle it was also time for three baptizings. Johan W, Lars S and Jens Bre were asked to kneel down before the GM. After some personality descriptions, Narrow gauge declared “in the name of hare, the hound and the power ‘vested in me, I declare you, Jens Bre to be Pain and Vain, Lars S to be Pretenciousseiz and Johan W to be Lost-in-Direction”. This concluded the post-circle and the hashers got to enjoy some good food in good company.

This was, as usual, a very well performed hash. A tribute to the hares and all of the hashers for making this celebratory lunch hash this pleasant. The almighty one was very proud.

On-on hashers!!

/Gaynor Boy

Run no 35

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:29:06

Held 9 May 09 at GA school in Alingsauce

Run no 34

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:27:42

Held 30 Apr 09 at GA square. Scribe: On-Sec

Run no 34: The spring celebration hash

It was a day and place in Spain, or some other Mediterranean place. No, actually it wasn’t, it was just Gothenburg, Sweden. But this day, it was very easy to confuse it with a warmer country. It was very, very hot on this particular day in Gothenburg, a day that is specially dedicated to spring and students. But on this day, the hashers of G2H3 had gathered for a lunch-hash. Undoubtedly, the hashers did not expect the weather to be this warm, but they certainly appreciate it. The hashers that had joined in for run no 35 were: Narrow Gauge, Gaynor Boy, Squawk Box, Crampin’ Stairs, Jens Ber, Jens Bre, Johan, Whiney WOPR, Ulrika and on virgin named Tomas.

The hares for this hash were Gaynor Boy and Narrow Gauge. They had called for the hashers to bring their commuting cards for the city buses to the hashers. A first for the hashers in the G2H3-community. The hashers where a little unsure as to what this could mean. But the hashers gathered at the old square of the famous king once again. Here, a short warm-up was conducted. Once again, many people got interested on as to what the hashers were doing and started asking questions. During the warm-ups and the description of the calls and yells, Gaynor-Boy was studying the trams of the city. Suddenly, he screams out “on-on” for the tram number 7. The hashers got to run for 10 m then ride a tram for 2 km. At the stop “Wavrinskys plats”, the tram-driver said “on-on” on the speaker. The hashers picked up the trail and set off into surroundings they rarely set foot in.

The hashers ran in various surroundings, having some difficulties with some of the checks. Gaynor Boy had been generous with the distance between checks and the next blob, also some false trails and some back checks, which made it a little hard for the hashers. The trail led the hashers up and down various hills in Gothenburg. As one of the hashers stated at the end: “there can’t be this many hills in Gothenburg?!”

With the weather being as it was, many people were outside of their houses and apartments. And as the hashers screamed their “on-ons”, the responses from the on-lookers were frequent and very varying. From a tall building, one guy just screamed “louder!”,”louder!”. Of course, the hashers replied and screamed from the bottom of their lungs. The trail took the hashers down one of the hills in Gothenburg toward Linnéstaden. Here, a lot of people where very curious to all the blobs and screams. “Are you looking for something/somebody?”, “Do you have to scream that loud?” were various questions that the hashers got exposed to during the hash.

Through Linnéstaden, the hashers ran by the casino, where Jens Bre, and Whiney WOPR had some difficulties and went from being FRB’s to SCB’s in a moment. However, the hash continued from the casino toward the on-in. There were some difficult check points which rearranged the order of the hashers at the last stretch of running.

At the on-in and the post-circle round-up, down-downs were given to the virgin and the hares. Also, there was a baptism for this hash. Jens Ber had participated in many hashes so far. And now it was turn for his name. Being the always joyful and cheerful guy, who likes a bun for his coffee in the morning, GM Narrow Gauge declared: “in the name of the hare, the hound and the holy hash and the powers vested in me I baptize thee: Happy Muffin !! “

After the post-circle, the hashers were treated with peasoup and pancakes. This was greatly appreciated as the hash got to be a little longer than expected. Great hash everybody!


/Gaynor – Boy

Run no 33

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:24:54

Held 9 Apr 09 at GA-square. Scribe: On-Sec

Run no 33: The Easter Special Hash

Spring had definitely arrived to Gothenburg together with Easter. At this time of feasting and gluttony, the G2H3-hashers had gathered to prepare their bodies with the enormous amount of foods and beverages they were about to take in. Is there a better way to prepare one’s body with a good hash run? The hashers gathered on the famous square of Gustav II Adolfs torg. The hashers that appeared at the square were: Narrow Gauge, Whiney WOPR, Gaynor Boy, Buddha, Squawk Box, Sex-and-the-city, Jens, Lars S,

During the warm-ups, some citizens came by and got very curious as to what the hashers were about to embark on. Obviously, the interest is getting around about the activities of hash-running. After a brief description of the signals and calls, the hashers set off into the city. The hare for this hash was the driving force of the G2H3-hashers: Narrow Gauge.

After some turns in the local city area, the hare had staked out the course in heavy duty traffic, making it very hard for the hashers to hear whether it was “on-on”, “Are you?” or just “checking”.

The virgin YYYY had a running pace that was quite impressing, he was consistently FRB almost throughout the hash. However, the scriber noticed the big smile on the hare, when the FRB was on top of the “Göta Älv”-bridge. And the FRB took the bait of a false trail!!! Narrow Gauge smiled as he saw YYYY running away from the correct path. As he yelled out “FALSE”, it gave the other hashers a chance to catch up from the distance they had lossed.

The hashers continued on through the grand central station of Gothenburg. Here, people get very confused converning the hashers running. All people grab on to their purses and bags as they run by. After some turns and some checkings in the central area of the city, the hashers got closer and closer to the on-in. The scriber is a little selfish, but he likes to state that he was actually the first hasher to the on-in. Which, as a matter of fact, is his first!!

The on-in was also at a famous place to be exact, the office at Nordstan. The on-in circle delivered down-down for the virgins and the hare. After the post-circle, the hashers were served pea-soup and pancakes. It is a very nice Swedish tradition to eat this unorthodox combination of foods on Thursdays and it was a little different from the foods that Swedes eat during the Easter holiday. This was a great hash, as always!



Run no 32

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:22:42


Run no 31

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:22:01

Held Jul 08 at GA square

Run no 30

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:16:20

Held 24 Jul 08 at N5746’42,80 E12 19′ 17,67 (Virtual Hash). Scribe: PC-Poopy/PC-Puppy

Run no 30, a virtual hash!
Seeing friends from abroad (Malaysia), GM had prepared a cyber trail for the horrors.
After finger warm-up excercises, the 2 harriers explored the the trail leading into cyber-space!

PC-poopy and PC-puppy start the running from Rufus’ house (It´s the house of PC-puppy´s grandmother and grandfather, they got a dog called Rufus).
Pc poopy and puppy run from he house on a road leading away from Rufus’ house. They find the blob when they reach a tunnel. From the tunnel they follow the road to the right until they enter Knavrabron.

There the hashers continue threw some gardens and end up, in their opinion, unidentified territory.
The young PCs follow the river Savean. Then they jump into Savean and swim against the current. Delighted PC-puppy spots the BS at the bottom of the river.
Finally after a break on 2 minutes the creatures get up and locate the nearest house. In PC-puppy´s drunkness he knocks the owner of the house and steal his car-keys. And off they went in a rusty piece of junk, driving on the railway (PC-puppy drives).
After a while they almost get smashed by the X-2000 and realize it could be dangeorous to drive there and turn away and stop at Savelangenbadet, Floda.Bath pause!

Dumping the crappy car in the water pupp´n´poop continue, this time, beside the railway.
Hashing forward and forward, they stop at a lonely house. PC-puppy gets the freaky idea that they can stop a train in the middle of the railway and the use the emergency brake at next blob but the idea is voted down by PC-poopy.

Running on a road they head on to the next blob which is found in a x-crossing. This time PC-pupp stops the train on the railway and manages to climb inside. What a track terror…
PC-poop walks into a bloodthirsty moose and gets the insane thought he can use him as a mount – done and dusted!
…and off he goes!

Unbeleiveably, the moosemaster arives first at next blob, a moose running in 80 mph, no no no…
Pc-Puppy jumps off the train at the blob and PC-poopy jumps off the moose. The blob is lying in front of a house and PC-poopy sneaks inside a takes a shower.
Eagerly they continue along the the railway. Splendid! A BS on the tracks. PC-poop gets a bit too drunk…hic!
After the BS they manage to catch a train. Unfortunately PC-poop vomits on the conductor and gets thrown off the train and splashes intp the water outside Noresesunds Station.
PC-pupp follows. Using local knowledge hunting for more BS they finall spot the On-In at Narrow Gauge’s house.

GM hears about their escapades and declares that from now on, PC-Puppy and PC-Poopy shall hereby be known as Track Terror and Moose Master!
Well done harriers!

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