Held 9 Apr 09 at GA-square. Scribe: On-Sec

Run no 33: The Easter Special Hash

Spring had definitely arrived to Gothenburg together with Easter. At this time of feasting and gluttony, the G2H3-hashers had gathered to prepare their bodies with the enormous amount of foods and beverages they were about to take in. Is there a better way to prepare one’s body with a good hash run? The hashers gathered on the famous square of Gustav II Adolfs torg. The hashers that appeared at the square were: Narrow Gauge, Whiney WOPR, Gaynor Boy, Buddha, Squawk Box, Sex-and-the-city, Jens, Lars S,

During the warm-ups, some citizens came by and got very curious as to what the hashers were about to embark on. Obviously, the interest is getting around about the activities of hash-running. After a brief description of the signals and calls, the hashers set off into the city. The hare for this hash was the driving force of the G2H3-hashers: Narrow Gauge.

After some turns in the local city area, the hare had staked out the course in heavy duty traffic, making it very hard for the hashers to hear whether it was “on-on”, “Are you?” or just “checking”.

The virgin YYYY had a running pace that was quite impressing, he was consistently FRB almost throughout the hash. However, the scriber noticed the big smile on the hare, when the FRB was on top of the “Göta Älv”-bridge. And the FRB took the bait of a false trail!!! Narrow Gauge smiled as he saw YYYY running away from the correct path. As he yelled out “FALSE”, it gave the other hashers a chance to catch up from the distance they had lossed.

The hashers continued on through the grand central station of Gothenburg. Here, people get very confused converning the hashers running. All people grab on to their purses and bags as they run by. After some turns and some checkings in the central area of the city, the hashers got closer and closer to the on-in. The scriber is a little selfish, but he likes to state that he was actually the first hasher to the on-in. Which, as a matter of fact, is his first!!

The on-in was also at a famous place to be exact, the office at Nordstan. The on-in circle delivered down-down for the virgins and the hare. After the post-circle, the hashers were served pea-soup and pancakes. It is a very nice Swedish tradition to eat this unorthodox combination of foods on Thursdays and it was a little different from the foods that Swedes eat during the Easter holiday. This was a great hash, as always!