Held 30 Apr 09 at GA square. Scribe: On-Sec

Run no 34: The spring celebration hash

It was a day and place in Spain, or some other Mediterranean place. No, actually it wasn’t, it was just Gothenburg, Sweden. But this day, it was very easy to confuse it with a warmer country. It was very, very hot on this particular day in Gothenburg, a day that is specially dedicated to spring and students. But on this day, the hashers of G2H3 had gathered for a lunch-hash. Undoubtedly, the hashers did not expect the weather to be this warm, but they certainly appreciate it. The hashers that had joined in for run no 35 were: Narrow Gauge, Gaynor Boy, Squawk Box, Crampin’ Stairs, Jens Ber, Jens Bre, Johan, Whiney WOPR, Ulrika and on virgin named Tomas.

The hares for this hash were Gaynor Boy and Narrow Gauge. They had called for the hashers to bring their commuting cards for the city buses to the hashers. A first for the hashers in the G2H3-community. The hashers where a little unsure as to what this could mean. But the hashers gathered at the old square of the famous king once again. Here, a short warm-up was conducted. Once again, many people got interested on as to what the hashers were doing and started asking questions. During the warm-ups and the description of the calls and yells, Gaynor-Boy was studying the trams of the city. Suddenly, he screams out “on-on” for the tram number 7. The hashers got to run for 10 m then ride a tram for 2 km. At the stop “Wavrinskys plats”, the tram-driver said “on-on” on the speaker. The hashers picked up the trail and set off into surroundings they rarely set foot in.

The hashers ran in various surroundings, having some difficulties with some of the checks. Gaynor Boy had been generous with the distance between checks and the next blob, also some false trails and some back checks, which made it a little hard for the hashers. The trail led the hashers up and down various hills in Gothenburg. As one of the hashers stated at the end: “there can’t be this many hills in Gothenburg?!”

With the weather being as it was, many people were outside of their houses and apartments. And as the hashers screamed their “on-ons”, the responses from the on-lookers were frequent and very varying. From a tall building, one guy just screamed “louder!”,”louder!”. Of course, the hashers replied and screamed from the bottom of their lungs. The trail took the hashers down one of the hills in Gothenburg toward Linnéstaden. Here, a lot of people where very curious to all the blobs and screams. “Are you looking for something/somebody?”, “Do you have to scream that loud?” were various questions that the hashers got exposed to during the hash.

Through Linnéstaden, the hashers ran by the casino, where Jens Bre, and Whiney WOPR had some difficulties and went from being FRB’s to SCB’s in a moment. However, the hash continued from the casino toward the on-in. There were some difficult check points which rearranged the order of the hashers at the last stretch of running.

At the on-in and the post-circle round-up, down-downs were given to the virgin and the hares. Also, there was a baptism for this hash. Jens Ber had participated in many hashes so far. And now it was turn for his name. Being the always joyful and cheerful guy, who likes a bun for his coffee in the morning, GM Narrow Gauge declared: “in the name of the hare, the hound and the holy hash and the powers vested in me I baptize thee: Happy Muffin !! “

After the post-circle, the hashers were treated with peasoup and pancakes. This was greatly appreciated as the hash got to be a little longer than expected. Great hash everybody!


/Gaynor – Boy