Held 17 Oct 09 at Lilla Torget in Alingsauce, “The G2H3 Alingsauce dislocated Lights in the Night Hash”

After a beautiful autumn day, hashers “Yogi Beer” and “Hash Lightning” had called for an evening run during the light festivities in Alingsauce. 9 runners met on the bridge at Lilla Torget in town for this nightly chilly ordeal. Under the command of GM “Narrow Gauge”, 8 hashers circled up for chalk talk and warm-ups. GM led “Yogi Beer”, “Hash Lightning”, “Moose Master”, “Eager Beaver” plus four virgins, Annika, Max, Olle and Peter through some physical exercises, notably the Chernobyl child and milking the bull.

After that, conditions applied to the runners. This hash-theme meant that they had to be equipped with light diods so every hasher and harriette were obliged to apply these ribbons of light.

Then hare “Yogi Beer” gave some clues to the trail and off we went! The trail started along the river Lillan towards the town center and the first check. Not too many people were gathered there so it went quite easy this first one.

More severe problems were encountered on the following checks, including a back check on the far side of the Savannen which forced the harriers to go back to the church-check again searching the trail among the graves and all the people out for the light festival.

The high-light(!) of the trail must have been the check in brunnsparken where hundreds of people and guided groups looked at the light installations in the trees and in the ponds at the same time as this bunch of bewildered hashers came screaming through. Shouts of “on-ons” and “checking” made the whole place a bit scary and 9 runners crashing through a crowd of by-passers must have been a quite unexpected experience for the visitors at “Lights in Alingsas”. “Look, glow worms!” as one humoruos visitor stated when seeing the band of brothers/sister running through.

However, the trail continued along the home for elderly people, situated at a convenient distance to the graveyard…(!), passed the police station where a small photo session took place and then made a turn away from the city centre towards the Gustav Adolf School. However, this turned out to be a detour and mistaking white paint for blobs forced the hashers furter away in the wrong direction.

Eventually, the trail was found again and running back to the centre viar the train station platforms was quite fun. A bunch of girls there thought the hashers looked “sweet” when they came running. Nice girls!

Finally, passing the last big crowd outside Swedbank the gang made it back to Lilla Torget where the on-in marker was found, at last! GM held a short circle, handed out down downs and then the hashers all enjoyed a delicious meal consisting of apples, chocolats, hot dogs and beer, ahhhhh! Virgin Peter declared that this was the best!

Well done hashers!

On-on! /GM