As the dead awaken during the Halloween evening to come back and haunt and to remind the living about their ancestors, so did the G2H3-hashers. For too long of a time, the city of Gothenburg has been unhaunted by the hashers. But this day, it was time for the awakening again. This glorious but somewhat chilly day, ten brave hashers had gathered for this annual run.

The crew was built up of Narrow Gauge, Squawk Box, Gaynor Boy, Lost in translation and Blueberry Tight Byte, Cramp-in Stairs, Eager Beaver, Pain and Vain, Preteniouseiz and Ulrika. The hareline had called for the Halloween outfit on the hashers. However, most of the hashers had failed to provide a costume, a mistake that would be penalized later by NG who had his scary face mask on. The hashers huddled up at “Gustav Adolfs Square” for a short but intense warm-up. The hare for this hash was Squawk Box and she quickly described the markings that the hashers would see throughout the run.

It was a crowded day in Gothenburg City, the ghouls and goblins had blended themselves with the day walkers and the noise from all made it staggeringly hard for the hashers to hear each other. But the hashers took off toward the central station, and they soon noticed the problems that lie ahead. The ghosts had been bothered by the markers and played a trick on the hashers by removing some of them. This made it tricky for the hashers to find the trail throughout the run. However, I do believe that the hashers felt the presence of the “now-dead” this way. The trail took a funny path over the inner water canal, baffling some of the hashers outside the central station.

The trail continued towards the centre cemetery, a perfect trail on this particular day. And if there were some dead people still in their graves, the G2H3-hashers made sure that they would awaken from their graves. At the cemetery, the all mighty Narrow Gauge started to feel a bit scared and he was seen being a SCB. I think that he wanted to get away from the cemetery as soon as possible. One old lady was upset for us bothering the dead, but with all due respect, I think that they appreciated the gesture of us honoring them. After the cemetery the trail led the hashers past Squawk Box’s old elementary school, she became very nostalgic and reminded by the good old days as a child.

Back toward the centre, the trail led the hashers. The pace was good, and also the scenery. Toward the end, some hashers missed the correct trail. But it was hard since no markings were found here at all. The on-in was finally reached at AP2. Some last minute dashes by the FRBs were seen by the on-lookers.

At the on-in, pea soup and pancakes were served to fill the hashers empty stomachs. Here Pretentiouseiz joined the other hashers, due to a needle in the buttocks, he could not be a part of the running crew. But prior to that at the circle, there was some down-downs. First one down-down for the hare who had made an exemplary trail for the hashers. Then there was one for all of the hashers that had missed to dress for the Halloween hash that it was. Narrow Gauge was rather upset on this issue. We will improve for the next event. Finally, the hasher Ulrika, who had been participating several times with the G2H3, was about to become baptized. As the grandmaster described her virtues as a hasher he declared “by the power ‘vested in me, and in the name of the hare, the hound and the holy hash, I baptize thee:” and she was forever to be called “Lady Lightfoot”. A name which vividly describes her step amidst the hashers. Welcome to our community, Lady Lightfoot!

Thank you hashers for this time!