It was the day before the Good or “bad” friday! The place was Gustav Adolfs Square. The people were the amazing and inspiring fellowship of the G2H3-hashers… These people had gathered for the annual Easter Hash and definitely make sure that the witches flies away to the “Blue Mountains”.

The hashers that came and joined for this witch hunt were Narrow Gauge, Pretencious Seiz, Gaynor Boy, Blueberry Tight Byte, Pain and Vain, Lady Lightfoot, Eager Beaver, Yogi Beer, Hash Lightning and “Oaf”. The witches started to scream and fly away as soon as the hashers took off and started yelling their famous “on-ons”. The hashers were excited for their task especially after they got mandatory outfits from NG: Easter eggs to be worn on their heads. The hashers looked really intimidating at this point with their egg shells on their heads.. you could see pretenciousseiz squirming a little, a bit uncomfortable wearing this item on his head.

But hashers set off through Nordstan, where the people around got exillirated nu the hashers outfits and joined in in the yelling, with “paaack-paaackk–pack -pack” and various other sounds that are too hard to type. After the mall and the central station the hashers circled up and around “Göta älvbron”. The trail led the hashers toward the water and the opera. Here it was a scenic pit stop.. The hare had led the hashers to a, well I don’t know if you can call it a boat” but a really old thing that used to be a boat… This wasm, in the boats world, a boat that you would call a witch. A beautiful memory in the hashers head, this was.

The hashers set of along the water again and Gaynor Boy was an expert throughout the run to always pick the wrong paths at each check, I guess he wanted to run a bit further. Passing the OPera the hashers ran into some construction workers, who simply said, after seeing the hashers “What kind of bet did you loose?” The trail was suppose to be short, but to the hashers it felt long and it winded the hashers up and down the streets of gothenburg. At some point diring the street running the hashers lost a participant, a new situation for the hashers, and especially as it didn’t get realized until the on-in. It was “oaf”. Closing in on the more popular areas of Gothenburg, pretenciousseiz removed his “helmet” or Easter Egg not to ruin his appearence too much.

The hashers finally made it to the on-in after passing alto of people and withces along the way. Hopefully the hashers screamed away alot of witches during their run. At the post-circle, the hashers join in for down-downs, both for the hare who had done one extraordinary job with the trail, and aldo one for Gaynor Boy who had completed more than 25 hashs in his membership with the G2H3. After the circle, the hashers enjoyed some Pea soup and Pancakes.. It was a good day!!

Well done hashers!