If Walpurgia is a witch, she sure managed to scare away the runners on this hash no 42, G2H3 Walpurgia Lunch Hash. Apparantly, all sort of excuses were used by the hashers to explain the small size of the pack today; being abroad, being at work, being at the dentist´s, being in bed without setting the alarm clock…Bah!

Anyhow, five feisty hashers showed up before the run, GM, Hash Lightning, Cramp in Stairs, Eager Beaver and long lost harriette Kersti. After a quick pre-circle with warm-ups and chalk talk the race was on.

The trail today was ranked as an easy trail and in the abscence of major obstacles or problems, the pack soon made its way through 5:an Shopping Mall, the Central Station and up to Nya Allen. A few checks left the runners bewildered running pass the entrance to the Police HQ but soon enough, the right trail was found and the chase went on towards Heden and Gotaplatsen.

Most runners ended up in positions as DFLs or FRBs, although not at the same time! This relativeley small gang of harriers had little problem keeping it together and after crossing Nya Allen again and running through the little alleys and small shopping streets mear Kungsgatan, all hashers made it safe back to GA-torg an on-in @the Office.

A short explanation was giving to why “42” is the answer to everything (see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) so all in all, these 5 runners today were enlightened in a most fantastic way!

After finally hearing the alarm clock, Gaynor Boy had woken up and came just in time for the food and drinks. Talk about timing!

Well done hashers!