A gloomy day in Gothenburg; the rain was just getting ready to pour down from the sky, the nature was surely working against the crew of the G2H3 hash no 42. But did it prevent the hashers form making sure that on this historical day, a day characterized in the past by famous people going to heaven? No, it surely did not!

The crew that dared to withstand the natures awesome forces were Eager Beaver, Narrow Gauge, Gaynor BOy, Cramp-in Stairs and Blueberry Tight byte. The few brave souls gathered just outside the office outside nordstan, a quick description of what was going to transpire. Not even warm-ups… A first one in the G2H3 history. And off they went, 15 metres even to the tram station before they stopped. It was due north-north-west for the hashers by the tram… (they probably understood that this was the case, as they were required to bring their tram-passes along). As they boarded the tram, the watched station for station, as the weather got darker and colder. They started to worry about how far they were going to have to run… wishing perhaps that they can take the tram back possibly.

Suddenly, Whiney-WOPR, who obviously was one of the hares yelled “on-on” as the tram had come to a complete stop half-way to nowhere, that means they were in the country of “Elavator-Nobody.. a.k.a. Hisingen. It was time to start running.

Since being so far away from any recognizable places, the hashers at the first check ran around as silly chickens, or at least Gaynor Boy who throughout the hash missed the directions. And in comparison, Eager Beaver must have either a psychic mind or a perfect nose for getting back fast, because he nailed each route from the checks. I think that Narrow Gauge was a bit of SCB at some times.. don’t think that the scriber will miss something like that.

Whiney WOPR had an epiphany when he laid the track, obviously because the trail took the hashers almost up to the heaven. At this height, the hashers joined in on the journey to heaven in line with celebration day as it was. It was a tough trip there, but the hashers got there finally. Here Gaynor Boy found other “travellers” in this deserted place, they used somewhat more phychedelic means of going to heaven. as they say.. “all roads lead to Rome”. But after being up there, the hashers realized that the had more important things to do in their lives, that is to drink beer. So the ran down from heaven, and ran between buildings, parks, malls and people. The last half of the tracks, Narrow Gauge had been kind to provide the blobs for the hashers, who realized that the Classic Bridge “Göta Älv bron” was in play! Indeed it was! Once again, the hashers took toward heaven, Blueberry Tight Vyte, was a bit slow to get there but also he finally made it up to the top. And from there it was almost a straight road toward the on-in.

At the on-in and the post-circle, the hashers were a bit cold from all the climbing and of course the nature, which had set it horns against the hashers, but they reached for the beers and of course the much needed down-down for the hares. After the post-circle, the hashers enjoyed some much needed hot meat soup and some delicious bread.

Well done hashers!!

Gaynor Boy