The midsummer hash

It was two days before Midsummer’s eve. It was the brightest day of the year. And it was also the day that the gruesome hash house harriers of Gothenburg had decided to mark their existence after being in hibernation for quite some time. And in what a way it was done!

A crowd of 15 brave hashers had gathered at “Skatås”, a beautiful exercise area in the hilly forest just east of Gothenburgs center. The crowd was blessed this time with many virgins and also some old acquaintances from the g2h3-roster. The virgins that attended this hash were: Kristofer, Johanna, Per, Anders, Oscar and Fredrik. The regular hashers that attended this years midsummer hash were: Narrow Gauge, Gaynor Boy, Squawk Box, Rapid and Wrong, Whiney WOPR, Pain and Vain, Lady Lightfoot and Kersti.

The virgins looked a bit intimidated at the line up as the regular hashers started tying their beautiful midsummer flower ribbons that were to be put on their heads.

Once the formal introduction had been performed, Narrow Gauge led the hashers through the standard warm-ups exercises. After this was completed, todays hare: Squawk Box stepped in the circle and gave a brief description of the trail and the various symbols that had been used. A new symbol, “PE!”, was introduced to the hashers this time by Rapid and Wrong who co-hared the hash. Here the hashers were to stop and wait for the whole crowd. The hashers smiled a bit as to what this could be but this was the opposite emotion as what were about to experience.

When Squawk Box finished she just let the hashers go. And off they went! The trail took the hashers passed the exercise building of Skatås where many people was introduced to the screaming hashers for the first time. They continue passed the “kolonilotterna”, an area of small cottages where people can grow plants and other flowers. I think that the happy mood of the hashers actually made each plant they passed grew by an inch. Inside this area, the hashers came across a boob-check which had the ladies go searching and finding the next blob rather quickly.

The trail was good and fun to run through, the checks were also good but the hashers were better. They found the following blobs easily and swiftly. However one time, Gaynor Boy, Per and Johanna found themselves running up a hill after a check, only to find a huge “False”-marker. At this time, they were not pleased to finding this as their powers were starting to be totally wasted. FRBs for this hash was all virgins. Johanna, Per and Kristoffer were heading the crowd during larger parts of the hash. Good efforts, FRBs!

After this check the hashers headed toward the end part, but they had yet to discover what the new symbol was all about. But as they arrived to an open area they found the sign and as soon all hashers had arrived, Rapid and Wrong stepped up and explained the contents of this check. Physical Exercise! It was three drills all together, Frog leaps, Borsovs and The Whisp. The frog leaps and the borsovs were done an extra time, due to their effectiveness which is best the second time according to Rapid and Wrong. This exercise had the hashers gasping for air after they had been performed. But reluctantly they started running towards the end which was not far away.

At last they reached the “On-In” where Lady Lightfoot had been preparing the food. She was sadly unable to run due to a surgery on her knee. At the on-in, the hashers circled up yet again for the post-run ceremonies. The hares and the virgins got their down-downs. Additionally, the grandmaster called upon Kjersti to enter the circle. Due to her previous efforts with the hashers and her engagement with various wind activities, Narrow Gauge named Kersti “Gone with the Wind”. This was celebrated with a down-down and also a hand of flour that was poured on her. A very fitting name for this hasher.

The on-in food prepared delicately of Lady Lightfood was hamburgers. A suiting dish as the hashers were very tired and needed to restore their energy levels. Beer and also some liquors were offered through the evening. The beer tasted really good, especially in the sauna.

Thank you hashers for making this midsummer hash as good as it turned out to be.

Well done!