Hola-lee Hola-loo!
Gothenburg really deserved the name “Windy City” today during run no 46 but the sun and the hashers really made this run a good run after all. It has been some time since last trail but fearless hashers NG, Blueberry Tight Byte, Winey WOPR, Eager Beaver and Cramp-in Stairs decided to fight against boredom and laziness and to go for it!
Small chalk talk and warm up at GA Square and then take off! Along well known roads and places the hashers ran towards Kronhusbodarna and Domkyrkan. No major obstacles during the first “checks” but after Otterhallan, the problems started. Running down the stairs made those tripping toes and legs hurt a bit and the “on-on” shouts soon disappeared among the noisiness of lorries, trucks and caterpillars. And the wind!
Dust and dirt flew through the air and made the runners’ eyes turn red. The “check” next to the caterpillarwas a tricky one and quite a few minutes had to be spent there before hasher Blueberry TB found the trail again. “On-ons” led the pack back towards the opera along the river. Another check, just below the over-pass, made the gang hesitate for a few secs before finding the way again. Oh yes, o v e r the over-pass…
On the other side, hasher Cramp-in Stairs got an injury. He was blaming a slight overweight but anyway, he had to short cut back to the on-in, SINNER!!!!!
“On-ons” echoed further between the buildings and naturally, an upset “håll käften” smiley was herd from a by passer… (hehe)
The on-in trail went through the well known 5an shopping mall and soon the whole gang gathered for the on-in, sandwiches and beer!
It was after all a truly good run!
Scribe//NarrowGauge smiley