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Hello Fellow Harriers and Harriettes. Here you can read and comment on all the trash reports of G2H3.


Run no 47

Hash Runs Posted on Tue, April 22, 2014 20:55:24

Coming soon to a Theatre near you…

Run no 45

Hash Runs Posted on Tue, April 22, 2014 20:54:20

Walpurgia Hash

The spring had arrived! With a bright sun and much more comfortable climate than the previous weeks of rain, sleet and snow, the people of Gothenburg had exited their apartments to enjoy shopping and café lattes and various coffee shops around town. The people were completely unaware of the event they would come to witness during the lunch hour of the 30th of April 2012.

The time was 12:00. A fearless group of hashers of the Gothenburg Gruesome Hash House Harriers had started gathering on the square of Gustav Adolf. At its apex they totalled 13 strong hashers. They were: Narrow Gauge, Whiney WOPR, Blueberry Tight Byte, Candy Queen, Gaynor Boy, Eager Beaver, Lady Lightfoot, Pain-and-Vain, Johan L and Jacob. Most of them are experienced hashers, but happy to also see a virgin there.

The grandmaster Narrow Gauge went through the signs and led the hashers through a thorough warm-up procedure. The hashers were excited to enjoy the warm weather and were getting anxious to start hashing. After Narrow Gauge set the hashers off, Blueberry Tight Byte realized quickly that the amount of clothing adapted for the usual sleet weather experienced over the last few weeks was a bit… too much. The hashers started running along the tricky trail through the buildings first designed to house emigrants during the 19th century. This tricky trail gave the hashers an idea of what could lie around the corner in terms of unsure future settings with many obstacles to overcome. As the hashers kept on running, many obstacles had to be overcome, with certain frantic “Falses” along the way. At the top of a long staircase just after a checkpoint, some of the hashers spotted the False-sign. Many of the hashers made their way all the way to the top before realizing the unnecessary climb. On the way down, Narrow Gauge smiled from ear-to-ear as he watched the hashers run by him. Grandmaster is a vicious hare.

Up and down they ran, the hashers could not fathom that there were so many meters to climb in the vicinity of the center of Gothenburg. In the middle of the hash, a viewpoint-check crystallized to the hashers. A moment of breathing and to observe the people of Gothenburg enjoying the weather, this was the perfect time to capture the hashers on a photo.

The eager hashers set off down from the viewpoint for the last part of the hash. This part led the hashers to the populated parts of the center of Gothenburg with many coffee shops and retail stores. The hashers ran through passages where people were enjoying their first cups of coffee outside for a long time. As the hashers ran by, their frantic and loud yelling of “On-on” were commented several times by the on-lookers. One especially comes to mind: “Do all of you have to scream so loud?!”. Well done hashers you certainly made Gothenburg aware of our presence.

The hashers continued running in the midst of people shopping and as the hashers ran straight through the central station, many people awoke from their slumbering state as they were passed by the hashers running by them at close proximity. The hashers finally reached the “on-in” and it was to a great relief for some of the untrained hashers. Time to enjoy the on-in beer!

At the post-circle, Narrow Gauge forced a down-down on the virgin Johan L as well as the for some of the experienced hashers who forgot their hash markings on their outfits, these hashers were: Candy Queen and yours truly, alas, sad story…

Well done Hashers!


Gaynor Boy//On-Sec