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Hello Fellow Harriers and Harriettes. Here you can read and comment on all the trash reports of G2H3.


Run no 47

Hash Runs Posted on Tue, April 22, 2014 20:55:24

Coming soon to a Theatre near you…

Run no 45

Hash Runs Posted on Tue, April 22, 2014 20:54:20

Walpurgia Hash

The spring had arrived! With a bright sun and much more comfortable climate than the previous weeks of rain, sleet and snow, the people of Gothenburg had exited their apartments to enjoy shopping and café lattes and various coffee shops around town. The people were completely unaware of the event they would come to witness during the lunch hour of the 30th of April 2012.

The time was 12:00. A fearless group of hashers of the Gothenburg Gruesome Hash House Harriers had started gathering on the square of Gustav Adolf. At its apex they totalled 13 strong hashers. They were: Narrow Gauge, Whiney WOPR, Blueberry Tight Byte, Candy Queen, Gaynor Boy, Eager Beaver, Lady Lightfoot, Pain-and-Vain, Johan L and Jacob. Most of them are experienced hashers, but happy to also see a virgin there.

The grandmaster Narrow Gauge went through the signs and led the hashers through a thorough warm-up procedure. The hashers were excited to enjoy the warm weather and were getting anxious to start hashing. After Narrow Gauge set the hashers off, Blueberry Tight Byte realized quickly that the amount of clothing adapted for the usual sleet weather experienced over the last few weeks was a bit… too much. The hashers started running along the tricky trail through the buildings first designed to house emigrants during the 19th century. This tricky trail gave the hashers an idea of what could lie around the corner in terms of unsure future settings with many obstacles to overcome. As the hashers kept on running, many obstacles had to be overcome, with certain frantic “Falses” along the way. At the top of a long staircase just after a checkpoint, some of the hashers spotted the False-sign. Many of the hashers made their way all the way to the top before realizing the unnecessary climb. On the way down, Narrow Gauge smiled from ear-to-ear as he watched the hashers run by him. Grandmaster is a vicious hare.

Up and down they ran, the hashers could not fathom that there were so many meters to climb in the vicinity of the center of Gothenburg. In the middle of the hash, a viewpoint-check crystallized to the hashers. A moment of breathing and to observe the people of Gothenburg enjoying the weather, this was the perfect time to capture the hashers on a photo.

The eager hashers set off down from the viewpoint for the last part of the hash. This part led the hashers to the populated parts of the center of Gothenburg with many coffee shops and retail stores. The hashers ran through passages where people were enjoying their first cups of coffee outside for a long time. As the hashers ran by, their frantic and loud yelling of “On-on” were commented several times by the on-lookers. One especially comes to mind: “Do all of you have to scream so loud?!”. Well done hashers you certainly made Gothenburg aware of our presence.

The hashers continued running in the midst of people shopping and as the hashers ran straight through the central station, many people awoke from their slumbering state as they were passed by the hashers running by them at close proximity. The hashers finally reached the “on-in” and it was to a great relief for some of the untrained hashers. Time to enjoy the on-in beer!

At the post-circle, Narrow Gauge forced a down-down on the virgin Johan L as well as the for some of the experienced hashers who forgot their hash markings on their outfits, these hashers were: Candy Queen and yours truly, alas, sad story…

Well done Hashers!


Gaynor Boy//On-Sec

Run no 46

Hash Runs Posted on Thu, April 17, 2014 14:27:27

Hola-lee Hola-loo!
Gothenburg really deserved the name “Windy City” today during run no 46 but the sun and the hashers really made this run a good run after all. It has been some time since last trail but fearless hashers NG, Blueberry Tight Byte, Winey WOPR, Eager Beaver and Cramp-in Stairs decided to fight against boredom and laziness and to go for it!
Small chalk talk and warm up at GA Square and then take off! Along well known roads and places the hashers ran towards Kronhusbodarna and Domkyrkan. No major obstacles during the first “checks” but after Otterhallan, the problems started. Running down the stairs made those tripping toes and legs hurt a bit and the “on-on” shouts soon disappeared among the noisiness of lorries, trucks and caterpillars. And the wind!
Dust and dirt flew through the air and made the runners’ eyes turn red. The “check” next to the caterpillarwas a tricky one and quite a few minutes had to be spent there before hasher Blueberry TB found the trail again. “On-ons” led the pack back towards the opera along the river. Another check, just below the over-pass, made the gang hesitate for a few secs before finding the way again. Oh yes, o v e r the over-pass…
On the other side, hasher Cramp-in Stairs got an injury. He was blaming a slight overweight but anyway, he had to short cut back to the on-in, SINNER!!!!!
“On-ons” echoed further between the buildings and naturally, an upset “håll käften” smiley was herd from a by passer… (hehe)
The on-in trail went through the well known 5an shopping mall and soon the whole gang gathered for the on-in, sandwiches and beer!
It was after all a truly good run!
Scribe//NarrowGauge smiley

Run no 44

Hash Runs Posted on Mon, June 27, 2011 13:11:36

The midsummer hash

It was two days before Midsummer’s eve. It was the brightest day of the year. And it was also the day that the gruesome hash house harriers of Gothenburg had decided to mark their existence after being in hibernation for quite some time. And in what a way it was done!

A crowd of 15 brave hashers had gathered at “Skatås”, a beautiful exercise area in the hilly forest just east of Gothenburgs center. The crowd was blessed this time with many virgins and also some old acquaintances from the g2h3-roster. The virgins that attended this hash were: Kristofer, Johanna, Per, Anders, Oscar and Fredrik. The regular hashers that attended this years midsummer hash were: Narrow Gauge, Gaynor Boy, Squawk Box, Rapid and Wrong, Whiney WOPR, Pain and Vain, Lady Lightfoot and Kersti.

The virgins looked a bit intimidated at the line up as the regular hashers started tying their beautiful midsummer flower ribbons that were to be put on their heads.

Once the formal introduction had been performed, Narrow Gauge led the hashers through the standard warm-ups exercises. After this was completed, todays hare: Squawk Box stepped in the circle and gave a brief description of the trail and the various symbols that had been used. A new symbol, “PE!”, was introduced to the hashers this time by Rapid and Wrong who co-hared the hash. Here the hashers were to stop and wait for the whole crowd. The hashers smiled a bit as to what this could be but this was the opposite emotion as what were about to experience.

When Squawk Box finished she just let the hashers go. And off they went! The trail took the hashers passed the exercise building of Skatås where many people was introduced to the screaming hashers for the first time. They continue passed the “kolonilotterna”, an area of small cottages where people can grow plants and other flowers. I think that the happy mood of the hashers actually made each plant they passed grew by an inch. Inside this area, the hashers came across a boob-check which had the ladies go searching and finding the next blob rather quickly.

The trail was good and fun to run through, the checks were also good but the hashers were better. They found the following blobs easily and swiftly. However one time, Gaynor Boy, Per and Johanna found themselves running up a hill after a check, only to find a huge “False”-marker. At this time, they were not pleased to finding this as their powers were starting to be totally wasted. FRBs for this hash was all virgins. Johanna, Per and Kristoffer were heading the crowd during larger parts of the hash. Good efforts, FRBs!

After this check the hashers headed toward the end part, but they had yet to discover what the new symbol was all about. But as they arrived to an open area they found the sign and as soon all hashers had arrived, Rapid and Wrong stepped up and explained the contents of this check. Physical Exercise! It was three drills all together, Frog leaps, Borsovs and The Whisp. The frog leaps and the borsovs were done an extra time, due to their effectiveness which is best the second time according to Rapid and Wrong. This exercise had the hashers gasping for air after they had been performed. But reluctantly they started running towards the end which was not far away.

At last they reached the “On-In” where Lady Lightfoot had been preparing the food. She was sadly unable to run due to a surgery on her knee. At the on-in, the hashers circled up yet again for the post-run ceremonies. The hares and the virgins got their down-downs. Additionally, the grandmaster called upon Kjersti to enter the circle. Due to her previous efforts with the hashers and her engagement with various wind activities, Narrow Gauge named Kersti “Gone with the Wind”. This was celebrated with a down-down and also a hand of flour that was poured on her. A very fitting name for this hasher.

The on-in food prepared delicately of Lady Lightfood was hamburgers. A suiting dish as the hashers were very tired and needed to restore their energy levels. Beer and also some liquors were offered through the evening. The beer tasted really good, especially in the sauna.

Thank you hashers for making this midsummer hash as good as it turned out to be.

Well done!


Run no 42

Hash Runs Posted on Fri, April 30, 2010 14:41:42

If Walpurgia is a witch, she sure managed to scare away the runners on this hash no 42, G2H3 Walpurgia Lunch Hash. Apparantly, all sort of excuses were used by the hashers to explain the small size of the pack today; being abroad, being at work, being at the dentist´s, being in bed without setting the alarm clock…Bah!

Anyhow, five feisty hashers showed up before the run, GM, Hash Lightning, Cramp in Stairs, Eager Beaver and long lost harriette Kersti. After a quick pre-circle with warm-ups and chalk talk the race was on.

The trail today was ranked as an easy trail and in the abscence of major obstacles or problems, the pack soon made its way through 5:an Shopping Mall, the Central Station and up to Nya Allen. A few checks left the runners bewildered running pass the entrance to the Police HQ but soon enough, the right trail was found and the chase went on towards Heden and Gotaplatsen.

Most runners ended up in positions as DFLs or FRBs, although not at the same time! This relativeley small gang of harriers had little problem keeping it together and after crossing Nya Allen again and running through the little alleys and small shopping streets mear Kungsgatan, all hashers made it safe back to GA-torg an on-in @the Office.

A short explanation was giving to why “42” is the answer to everything (see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) so all in all, these 5 runners today were enlightened in a most fantastic way!

After finally hearing the alarm clock, Gaynor Boy had woken up and came just in time for the food and drinks. Talk about timing!

Well done hashers!

Run no 38

Hash Runs Posted on Mon, October 19, 2009 16:18:15

Held 17 Oct 09 at Lilla Torget in Alingsauce, “The G2H3 Alingsauce dislocated Lights in the Night Hash”

After a beautiful autumn day, hashers “Yogi Beer” and “Hash Lightning” had called for an evening run during the light festivities in Alingsauce. 9 runners met on the bridge at Lilla Torget in town for this nightly chilly ordeal. Under the command of GM “Narrow Gauge”, 8 hashers circled up for chalk talk and warm-ups. GM led “Yogi Beer”, “Hash Lightning”, “Moose Master”, “Eager Beaver” plus four virgins, Annika, Max, Olle and Peter through some physical exercises, notably the Chernobyl child and milking the bull.

After that, conditions applied to the runners. This hash-theme meant that they had to be equipped with light diods so every hasher and harriette were obliged to apply these ribbons of light.

Then hare “Yogi Beer” gave some clues to the trail and off we went! The trail started along the river Lillan towards the town center and the first check. Not too many people were gathered there so it went quite easy this first one.

More severe problems were encountered on the following checks, including a back check on the far side of the Savannen which forced the harriers to go back to the church-check again searching the trail among the graves and all the people out for the light festival.

The high-light(!) of the trail must have been the check in brunnsparken where hundreds of people and guided groups looked at the light installations in the trees and in the ponds at the same time as this bunch of bewildered hashers came screaming through. Shouts of “on-ons” and “checking” made the whole place a bit scary and 9 runners crashing through a crowd of by-passers must have been a quite unexpected experience for the visitors at “Lights in Alingsas”. “Look, glow worms!” as one humoruos visitor stated when seeing the band of brothers/sister running through.

However, the trail continued along the home for elderly people, situated at a convenient distance to the graveyard…(!), passed the police station where a small photo session took place and then made a turn away from the city centre towards the Gustav Adolf School. However, this turned out to be a detour and mistaking white paint for blobs forced the hashers furter away in the wrong direction.

Eventually, the trail was found again and running back to the centre viar the train station platforms was quite fun. A bunch of girls there thought the hashers looked “sweet” when they came running. Nice girls!

Finally, passing the last big crowd outside Swedbank the gang made it back to Lilla Torget where the on-in marker was found, at last! GM held a short circle, handed out down downs and then the hashers all enjoyed a delicious meal consisting of apples, chocolats, hot dogs and beer, ahhhhh! Virgin Peter declared that this was the best!

Well done hashers!

On-on! /GM

Run no 37

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:31:23

Held Jun 09 at Squawk Box’s place, “The G2H3 Bash”. Scribe:

Run no 36

Hash Runs Posted on Sun, October 18, 2009 11:29:20

Held 20 May 09 at GA-square. Scribe: On-Sec

Gothenburg Gruesome Hash House Harriers: Run no 36

The Ascension lunch Hash

A day characterized by a trip one of the worlds most famous persons took up toward the sky was celebrated by the G2H3-hashers. 9 brave souls had gathered at lunch-time for this hash. The hashers consisted of Narrow Gauge, Gaynor Boy, Winey WOPR, Eager-Beaver, Blueberry Tight Byte, Jens Bre, Johan W, Lars S, and virgin Johan L.

The warm-ups, outside the Gustav II Adolfs’ square, were brief and concentrated to dogs, cows, bulls and children of Chernobyl. The hares for this hash were, yet again, a duo consisting of Narrow Gauge and Whiney WOPR. After a brief description of the markers used in the hareline, one of the hares (Narrow Gauge) simply pointed to the checking marker, and said “This is active as of now”. The hashers yelled out, in a surprising way, “CHECKING” and scattered away looking for the following blob.

The trail started to lead the hashers through the area with known as ”Kronhusbodarna”. The hashers soon got a sense of the on-going theme of this hash: ”Ascension”. The hareline led the hashers up and down various stairs in the near central parts of Gothenburg. The trail continued south along the inlet and stopped at a ferry-commuter stop. Here the hashers had to use their commuter-cards that they brought with them. The hash continued on the ”island” known as Hisingen. Some problems with the ferry though, the ferry the hashers climbed aboard did not go as far as intended. But since the motto of the G2H3-hash states that the hashers are the most fit, the extra run was just a piece of cake for the runners. Except perhaps for one of the runners, Lars S.

Winey WOPR took the lead as he was the hare responsible for the hareline on this part of the trail. So after an extra km the hashers were yet again ”on-on”. The trail led the hashers almost all the way up to the sky it felt like. Some complicated trail markings had the hashers, very often, screaming ”Looking”. The hash continued on and the hashers were continuously cheered on by on-lookers. One lady, probably on the phone, got very upset of the loudness from the hashers. She thought that this was a very boyish activity. Well done hashers! Some on-lookers were much more cheerful, a crew of “a-teamers” who had gathered for their daily lunch consumption of alcohol got the spirit and cheered the hashers as they ran by.

The hash felt as if it was never going to end. All of the hashers knew that the trail led to the final on-in at the AP2 office, which one easily could conclude that a giant bridge had to be crossed. When approaching it, a checking marker appeared. Gaynor Boy thought this was just a marker to lead the hashers on a false trail, so he dashed up the bridge in a jolt, trying to find the next blob. But boy was he he wrong. The trail led the hashers under the bridge and back toward the on-in on the other side of the bridge. Gaynor Boy had to run back down, and then up again. He did not intend to be a SCB. This was the last celebration ascension for the hashers.

Finally, the hashers reached the on-in, after running 50% more then stated on the trail description. Lars S and Blueberry Tight Byte looked as if they had climbed Mount Everest. But all in all, the hashers were in good spirit.

At the on-in and the post-circle round-up, the necessary down-downs were given to the hares and the virgin. At the post-circle it was also time for three baptizings. Johan W, Lars S and Jens Bre were asked to kneel down before the GM. After some personality descriptions, Narrow gauge declared “in the name of hare, the hound and the power ‘vested in me, I declare you, Jens Bre to be Pain and Vain, Lars S to be Pretenciousseiz and Johan W to be Lost-in-Direction”. This concluded the post-circle and the hashers got to enjoy some good food in good company.

This was, as usual, a very well performed hash. A tribute to the hares and all of the hashers for making this celebratory lunch hash this pleasant. The almighty one was very proud.

On-on hashers!!

/Gaynor Boy

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