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Hello Fellow Harriers and Harriettes. Here you can read and comment on all the trash reports of G2H3.


Run no 43

Hash Runs Posted on Mon, May 24, 2010 22:00:07

A gloomy day in Gothenburg; the rain was just getting ready to pour down from the sky, the nature was surely working against the crew of the G2H3 hash no 42. But did it prevent the hashers form making sure that on this historical day, a day characterized in the past by famous people going to heaven? No, it surely did not!

The crew that dared to withstand the natures awesome forces were Eager Beaver, Narrow Gauge, Gaynor BOy, Cramp-in Stairs and Blueberry Tight byte. The few brave souls gathered just outside the office outside nordstan, a quick description of what was going to transpire. Not even warm-ups… A first one in the G2H3 history. And off they went, 15 metres even to the tram station before they stopped. It was due north-north-west for the hashers by the tram… (they probably understood that this was the case, as they were required to bring their tram-passes along). As they boarded the tram, the watched station for station, as the weather got darker and colder. They started to worry about how far they were going to have to run… wishing perhaps that they can take the tram back possibly.

Suddenly, Whiney-WOPR, who obviously was one of the hares yelled “on-on” as the tram had come to a complete stop half-way to nowhere, that means they were in the country of “Elavator-Nobody.. a.k.a. Hisingen. It was time to start running.

Since being so far away from any recognizable places, the hashers at the first check ran around as silly chickens, or at least Gaynor Boy who throughout the hash missed the directions. And in comparison, Eager Beaver must have either a psychic mind or a perfect nose for getting back fast, because he nailed each route from the checks. I think that Narrow Gauge was a bit of SCB at some times.. don’t think that the scriber will miss something like that.

Whiney WOPR had an epiphany when he laid the track, obviously because the trail took the hashers almost up to the heaven. At this height, the hashers joined in on the journey to heaven in line with celebration day as it was. It was a tough trip there, but the hashers got there finally. Here Gaynor Boy found other “travellers” in this deserted place, they used somewhat more phychedelic means of going to heaven. as they say.. “all roads lead to Rome”. But after being up there, the hashers realized that the had more important things to do in their lives, that is to drink beer. So the ran down from heaven, and ran between buildings, parks, malls and people. The last half of the tracks, Narrow Gauge had been kind to provide the blobs for the hashers, who realized that the Classic Bridge “Göta Älv bron” was in play! Indeed it was! Once again, the hashers took toward heaven, Blueberry Tight Vyte, was a bit slow to get there but also he finally made it up to the top. And from there it was almost a straight road toward the on-in.

At the on-in and the post-circle, the hashers were a bit cold from all the climbing and of course the nature, which had set it horns against the hashers, but they reached for the beers and of course the much needed down-down for the hares. After the post-circle, the hashers enjoyed some much needed hot meat soup and some delicious bread.

Well done hashers!!

Gaynor Boy

Run no 41: The Annual Easter Hash

Hash Runs Posted on Fri, April 30, 2010 14:18:45

It was the day before the Good or “bad” friday! The place was Gustav Adolfs Square. The people were the amazing and inspiring fellowship of the G2H3-hashers… These people had gathered for the annual Easter Hash and definitely make sure that the witches flies away to the “Blue Mountains”.

The hashers that came and joined for this witch hunt were Narrow Gauge, Pretencious Seiz, Gaynor Boy, Blueberry Tight Byte, Pain and Vain, Lady Lightfoot, Eager Beaver, Yogi Beer, Hash Lightning and “Oaf”. The witches started to scream and fly away as soon as the hashers took off and started yelling their famous “on-ons”. The hashers were excited for their task especially after they got mandatory outfits from NG: Easter eggs to be worn on their heads. The hashers looked really intimidating at this point with their egg shells on their heads.. you could see pretenciousseiz squirming a little, a bit uncomfortable wearing this item on his head.

But hashers set off through Nordstan, where the people around got exillirated nu the hashers outfits and joined in in the yelling, with “paaack-paaackk–pack -pack” and various other sounds that are too hard to type. After the mall and the central station the hashers circled up and around “Göta älvbron”. The trail led the hashers toward the water and the opera. Here it was a scenic pit stop.. The hare had led the hashers to a, well I don’t know if you can call it a boat” but a really old thing that used to be a boat… This wasm, in the boats world, a boat that you would call a witch. A beautiful memory in the hashers head, this was.

The hashers set of along the water again and Gaynor Boy was an expert throughout the run to always pick the wrong paths at each check, I guess he wanted to run a bit further. Passing the OPera the hashers ran into some construction workers, who simply said, after seeing the hashers “What kind of bet did you loose?” The trail was suppose to be short, but to the hashers it felt long and it winded the hashers up and down the streets of gothenburg. At some point diring the street running the hashers lost a participant, a new situation for the hashers, and especially as it didn’t get realized until the on-in. It was “oaf”. Closing in on the more popular areas of Gothenburg, pretenciousseiz removed his “helmet” or Easter Egg not to ruin his appearence too much.

The hashers finally made it to the on-in after passing alto of people and withces along the way. Hopefully the hashers screamed away alot of witches during their run. At the post-circle, the hashers join in for down-downs, both for the hare who had done one extraordinary job with the trail, and aldo one for Gaynor Boy who had completed more than 25 hashs in his membership with the G2H3. After the circle, the hashers enjoyed some Pea soup and Pancakes.. It was a good day!!

Well done hashers!


Run no 40: The annual Xmas hash

Hash Runs Posted on Tue, December 15, 2009 11:47:46

The Annual G2H3 Xmas Hash

The leaves of the trees is lying on the ground. The wet and cold air is slowly slipping in between the clothes of the people in Gothenburg. The darkness of December leaves only imagination as the only shred of light for the inhabitants here. The sounds of the streets are quiet. The silent mood breaks every now and then from the loud engine of a city bus or the squeeking sounds from the city trams. The dark times, as its simply called here, which renders melancholy to the people, who solely relies during these times on the enjoyment of a warm apartment and some lit candles.

But alas, six brave souls from the G2H3 hash rebelled on this gloomy state of mind and gathered for the annual G2H3 Xmas hash. The hashers consisited of Eager Beaver, Cramp-in Stairs, Gaynor Boy, Whiney WOPR, Pain-in-Vain and Norwegian Woods. Dressed as a combination of santas and lucias, they wished to give the inhabitants of Gothenburg a sense of light and positive sounds to bring them up from their melancholy. Especially Pain-in-Vain defied the cold weather by running in shorts, making sure that he would not be affected by the weather in any sense. The hash started at Östra Hamngatan 26-28 where the hashers boarded a tram toward the Old town. At the designated stop, the hashers got off and circled up. At the pre-circle, Gaynor Boy took the lead in the warm-ups. This was due to the fact that the Grandmaster of G2H3 was unable to attend this hash. The first hash that Narrow Gauge missed in the history of the G2H3, make sure that this does not become a habit NG!! The hares for this hash were Eager Beaver and Cramp-in Stairs.

The warm-ups consisted of some stretching exercises, with the milking of cows, bulls and peeing dogs. As well as the good ol’ rocket. The hashers were now excited to get going. The first part of the hash gave the hashers a view of the following 8 km. The trail was an everlasting maze of circles. Cudos to the hares who had laid this trail without the hashers crossing the trail. I do think that the hashers was totally lost at some times, they could easily just as well have ended up in Stockholm due to all the lefts and the rights in the trail.

As the trail slithered its way through the old town, Norwegian Woods found a suitable place to relieve himself of some fluids. A very suitable place it would turn out to be. Because the hares had laid a false trail making it very convenient for NW not having to run that additional length.
The hashers continued on the trail, leading them out from the old town toward the river and Marieberg. The hashers knew that they still had quite some distance to cover before the on-in. Gaynor Boy either had totally forgot his sense of directions or had just giving up for finding the correct trail at the checkpoints becasuse he started running in the completely wrong directions. Fortunately, he heard the calls of the on-ons and turned to go in the right direction again.

The trail led the hashers along the riverbank, where the fishing boat cemetary is. A very desolate place in Gothenburg. Some dead fishermen was probably awaken during the constant on-on alls from the hashers. Suddenly, the trail led the hasher up on bridge over the river. The hashers feared of a long way to go due to the new direction. But fortunately, a back check marker was noticed half way across the river. An evil marker and Cramp-in Stairs was waiting down below for the hashers to return with a big smirk on his face. But the hashers continued to push forward in spite of this evil deed.

The continuing theme of the trail, circles and turns, never stopped. And many hashers believed that the on-in was in reach, but no! The hashers still ahd a few more turns and a few more blocks to circle around before the on-in was reached. First the Opera house, where a group of joyful kids with parents noticed the runners with their bright uniforms and cool hats and they yelled: “Look mom and dad, running Santas!” I do believe that they got same nice Xmas spirit from that scene.

At last, the on-in was reached. After alot of turns and alot of flour blobs. The voices of the hashers were worn at the end but still some power from their vocals could be heard at the end. The post circle was simple. A song for the hares and some nice food was served, with porrage and sandwiches together with beer. It was a very nice and pleasant run, and the inhabitants of Gothenburg got a look that life do continue in spite of the cold and gloomy weather.

Well done Hashers!!


/Gaynor Boy

Run no 39: the G2H3 annual Helloween Lunch Hash

Hash Runs Posted on Mon, November 02, 2009 14:21:49

As the dead awaken during the Halloween evening to come back and haunt and to remind the living about their ancestors, so did the G2H3-hashers. For too long of a time, the city of Gothenburg has been unhaunted by the hashers. But this day, it was time for the awakening again. This glorious but somewhat chilly day, ten brave hashers had gathered for this annual run.

The crew was built up of Narrow Gauge, Squawk Box, Gaynor Boy, Lost in translation and Blueberry Tight Byte, Cramp-in Stairs, Eager Beaver, Pain and Vain, Preteniouseiz and Ulrika. The hareline had called for the Halloween outfit on the hashers. However, most of the hashers had failed to provide a costume, a mistake that would be penalized later by NG who had his scary face mask on. The hashers huddled up at “Gustav Adolfs Square” for a short but intense warm-up. The hare for this hash was Squawk Box and she quickly described the markings that the hashers would see throughout the run.

It was a crowded day in Gothenburg City, the ghouls and goblins had blended themselves with the day walkers and the noise from all made it staggeringly hard for the hashers to hear each other. But the hashers took off toward the central station, and they soon noticed the problems that lie ahead. The ghosts had been bothered by the markers and played a trick on the hashers by removing some of them. This made it tricky for the hashers to find the trail throughout the run. However, I do believe that the hashers felt the presence of the “now-dead” this way. The trail took a funny path over the inner water canal, baffling some of the hashers outside the central station.

The trail continued towards the centre cemetery, a perfect trail on this particular day. And if there were some dead people still in their graves, the G2H3-hashers made sure that they would awaken from their graves. At the cemetery, the all mighty Narrow Gauge started to feel a bit scared and he was seen being a SCB. I think that he wanted to get away from the cemetery as soon as possible. One old lady was upset for us bothering the dead, but with all due respect, I think that they appreciated the gesture of us honoring them. After the cemetery the trail led the hashers past Squawk Box’s old elementary school, she became very nostalgic and reminded by the good old days as a child.

Back toward the centre, the trail led the hashers. The pace was good, and also the scenery. Toward the end, some hashers missed the correct trail. But it was hard since no markings were found here at all. The on-in was finally reached at AP2. Some last minute dashes by the FRBs were seen by the on-lookers.

At the on-in, pea soup and pancakes were served to fill the hashers empty stomachs. Here Pretentiouseiz joined the other hashers, due to a needle in the buttocks, he could not be a part of the running crew. But prior to that at the circle, there was some down-downs. First one down-down for the hare who had made an exemplary trail for the hashers. Then there was one for all of the hashers that had missed to dress for the Halloween hash that it was. Narrow Gauge was rather upset on this issue. We will improve for the next event. Finally, the hasher Ulrika, who had been participating several times with the G2H3, was about to become baptized. As the grandmaster described her virtues as a hasher he declared “by the power ‘vested in me, and in the name of the hare, the hound and the holy hash, I baptize thee:” and she was forever to be called “Lady Lightfoot”. A name which vividly describes her step amidst the hashers. Welcome to our community, Lady Lightfoot!

Thank you hashers for this time!